mai departe


" What's this"<meta name="keywords""? Just that? You put some key words there and that's it? Do you think you've solved anything?"

"Don Pedrito, it's just a personal web page..."

"So what? Do you think personal pages should be done wrong by definition? Or what? Do you have at least the idea of what you're doing?"

" Mmmm, I've put a meta TAG, haven't I?"

The dwarf's cheeks get flushed as if I offended him and I desperately think of what I might have done. I'm sure I pronounced well "meta TAG" but who knows what's in his head...

" Have you ever had the curiosity to read a tutorial on such a problem? A dictionary, some examples, something? Just to have any idea at all of what you're talking about? If you don't know, you should at least use one of the automatic makers . There are dozens of constructors free of charge, better or worse but at least it's not your fault if they're messing up. Why do you think those people have put all those generators on the Web? Also in so many languages to make anybody catch the point."

I look guilty. I have a steady horror of ready made things as don Pedrito knows or I thought he knew...

" I've tried to do something simple..."

" Well, if you were really up to doing something you could at least read a few things - the dwarf is in a blue mood tonight, that's definite - you could have noticed how it functions here and there, look, for instance in Geocities, what do I say, you may learn about anything, including the laws dealing with the allowed usage of the meta-TAGs. You may see what meta-s are accepted and what are those proposed for the future, what are their chances to be accepted."

" All right, don Pedrito, hold on, I'll read and you'll see the page in a month from now, okay?"



mai departe