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Chat and Law

Who doesn't want to get on a chat and talk to somebody else on weather, literature, football etc. ? But the chat as free talk place sometimes presents some surprising problems.

Generally, we rely on the common sense of every participant in a conversation. Due to the inherent freedom, especially from a technical point of view, some of us free themselves from social constraints, be they imposed or not, and they obviously cause displeasure or worse, they temporarily destroy the chat.

I don't want to press charges here but only to try to bring a few issues to your attention.

  1. COMMON VOCABULARY. Not everybody is in the mood to "listen" to certain words. An ideal method would be to split people in separate rooms where a certain gradation would be observed, up to - why not? - licentiousness. One can't limit or create a chat program clever enough to detect such language. There have been made attempts at making dictionaries. Success is not at the expectation level and sometimes you cannot write well as your legs have got jelly :))). A key to allow you to wipe away the disturbing character would be salutary.
  2. TESTS. A piece of advice: Don't stuff your chat conversations by "test". It's hell, especially when you want to follow a discussion. Even other forms of test (counting, spelling) are not solutions. You may drop a joke if you've lost your patience. If you've used two jokes and still no results appear, then you should give up the chat for a time. Nobody is obliged to bear inpatient people.
  3. CRITICS. Boring chat. What a lack of topics. Gentlemen, we're not at a party meeting. There is nothing more embarrassing than these remarks. They prove besides lack of tolerance a certain dryness of the spirit. Who doesn't want to take part is not forced to stay.
  4. REPETITIONS. Nagging sometimes, sometimes full of humor, repetitions are also a way of loading the chat, often uselessly. Ignore them if there is no moderation or accept them with stoicism. The person who repeats things might look for something. If it's clearly there is only meanness in this, the person with certain attributes on the chat should eliminate him or her. To the extreme, even an IPs class.
  5. ELIMINATION. Normally, there should be a moderator who does not participate in conversation. Unfortunately, such a character should be paid and he (she) should have enough culture and diplomacy. To settle a dispute one should have these two attributes. In addition, he (she) should have a map of the IPs to be able to spare the innocent of elimination. Collective punishments are inconceivable. Moreover, the moderator must protect the site against haeckers.Cato
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