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chat chat cherrie

this article is dedicated to my friends on
and may I be excused by those whom I didn't mention here

"that's how the game is,
it's a game for two,
for three,
for how many you want to play, damn it!"
Arghezi (quoted from memory)

COTY 4 U > I love you beauty
smiling> my love...on the internet
COTY 4 U >only on the internet?
smiling>oh. God... I miss you believe me?

The person who thinks he or she gets in a chat only to write an article because we are all (isn't it?) mature and experienced people and we have seen enough in our lives is very wrong. Where are you bey afrikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so as chicken go to you and they don't come to me:))) have you ever been in a carnival? "hello, mask" "how are you, mask?" if you haven't been in one yet, get into a chat room.

Here the masks are called nicks or nicknames or pen names (which is not very appropriate in the environment) cover everything. You are not going to see how the characters look like, you won't refuse to talk to someone because he is short, fat and he's got curly hair and beard. piedone.

The word is sovereign here. how can a simple sequence of sounds drive you mad? the stiff necks or the uninitiated would ask. I would ask them why they read these words anyway? or rather how do they read them? to me and to many others, the word is not reading but making. Let it be light.

The drunkard is just a real character, plump and good hearted, entirely different from flolin 'ery angry who is a trouble kid on the local net, let alone Dan Florin, the great network chief. some enter with normal nicks, let's say names because names they are, others with names they keep all the time, other use a quite small variation that the veterans recognize. it depends on the disposition, on imagination, the wish to show off or to be a sort of flies trap.

you find here names of flowers (bluerose) perfumes (d'AMARIGE, COTY) beverages (j.b.jaspen) funny characters (gi^ga~, Grogo, dovlecel cu motoras/engined little pumpkin) songs (nights with white satin, Mr. Blue) famous places(tajmahal) sweet romance (lorelei) animals (pisica/ cat, girafa/ giraffe) statements (io nu beu/ i do not drink) attitudes (Indraznetul/ the Daring) queens (Margot) or even goddesses (eada, vacation). Want more? Here you are gaijin, Madame Blue, usieru ciatului, fuzzy, buimacel, Kenzo, bluegirl, MALLORY, desen, terra, obosit...prea rau, vixen, El Condor, Robbye, Daiana infuriata, 3bi...

Just reading the list of names is often worth the price. gray morons or sexual obsessions are present too and these are not so hidden when the characters are just virtual. and yet, nothing is virtual.

traps everywhere. the basic question is how old are you. and what do you do? if you answer 42 you are left alone most of the times. they don't even bother to say bye. some of them hardly say something out of politeness. but it's still bye. if you say your height and weight it's all tears:) but there are people who only want to talk and then the chat begins.

you talk for hours of yourself, of what you do. you begin to know. e-mail and site addresses are exchanged. news are shared from where you're placed (involuntary rhyme:)). you have a shoulder to cry on at need. or to send poems. irony and humor are at home there. the same are tears. little by little, words become common and you laugh at the screen and kick with your legs. you make grimaces or you look tenderly at the screen. or you cry. that's what your colleagues see and they change looks.

you have an article to write. cheap reasons as in reality you've forgotten about it and you're connecting in fact. somewhere, over countries and seas, somebody is laughing and you hear him / her. you see him / her. really. the virtual is different. it's something for dry adults. we love each other here on the chat. we love each other so intensely that a break up is the same or even more painful. as in the real break up you've seen who, what and how. you've touched. here, you've cut off hope. and how can you live without the hope that some day you'd hold in your arms that treasure who has given up sleep to talk to you? and what would you say if i told you on this chat three real marriages have been enacted?

sometimes you write just to caress. the dramas hidden and revealed to you, a nowhere man are sometimes horrible. some other time you are excited as you've never been and you receive congratulations LOL.

but over all there reigns a lobby where stars kiss, quarrel and tease and many people test. if you've got no sense of humor you don't really belong to a lobby. a linguist should be interested of what is going on here. mimicry of oral speech, you have to emit interjections or imitate sounds by using only some poor signs. do you need moah hori?

the non grammatical people don't have many chances to be taken into consideration except when some laughing stock is missing right then. of course, some people fond of swearing come from time to time. they belong to the group Ignores. this means you put your mouse on the nick and command "ignore" and the air becomes good for breathing. one doesn't curse using the exact words (you are automatically excluded) but by using distortions.

sometimes the middleman, to say so, kicks out the moron. some other times he or she is not attentive or observes too large a limit. in my opinion we should rule out not only those who curse but also those who use pejorative words for Hungarians, Jews etc. the right to express oneself might be free but other rights must be preserved too. anything is possible in a private room if the people accept it.

If one is cursed he or she is invited to press ignore. But these problems are sometimes technically or legally unavoidable. How can you prove an individual has got on private and he or she is cursing you? it's a difficult dilemma for an administrator. As far as I know the chat is thus made so as to make private rooms screening impossible. even if some people complain of that and even if some of them boast this is an impossible thing.

the lobby is as a great plaza where everybody talks to everybody. the moahs fly. so do the gossip. one hour marriages are made and broken. people from odd places(vancouver, medias, frankfurt, volos, suceava, hertzlia, bucharest, tokyo, iasi, athens, bacau, NY, melbourne, brasov, oslo, focsani...and the map is not over yet) kiss feverishly. love has flesh here.

and how can you not to love betzi when he invites you to drink a beer barrel and you toast to the screen. you ask for filakia and you receive kisses. beautiful girls and boys the age of the chat. what does it matter if the identity card says oherwise? how is language (Romanian, English, Greek, Serbian, Italian, Hebrew, Swedish...) important?

it's the world of puns and the divine curse of the Babel tower becomes blessing. but be careful with the chat. you set out to write an article. and you find yourself in love up to your head. but be careful with the chat. you set out to write an article and you find yourself in love upt to your head. I look forward for your coming to the chat.

lucky the line isn't working. some cables have been stolen in Bucharest. God forgive me for not chatting anymore!

for conformity: tzoy, the Loner, Obs., mormonel, COTY