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Baldur's Gate  


"An old and powerful magus raised you in a well protected city of learned people and everything went well until one day, when you found a stranger in a house where you played many times before and that stranger tried to assassinate you. Gorion, your tutor, had taught you a few battle techniques and you faced and killed him. Only then you saw a letter on a table. It wrote that somebody had promised the stranger a huge reward if he had succeeded in performing the killing.

Puzzled, you go to Gorion to ask for a piece of advice but to your greater puzzlement, he tells you you are no longer safe in the city and you and him are going to leave the same night for Beregost, a neighboring town where you will find some friends. You think it's strange because Beregost is only a little town made rich by the iron mines nearby while your home city is a well protected fortress. However, you're not going to learn more from the stubborn old man. He only describes to you the two friends who you must look for in case you are alone.

After some good bye wondering through the city of the learned, you begin your way but you can't make it to Beregost before sunset so you meet a group of giants in an open place and they ask the old man to surrender to them his companion. Gorion fights them and kills a lot of them but finally he dies urging you to run .

Frightened, soaked to the bone by the rain that had began in the gloomy previous night, alone, that's how a friend from childhood finds you. She's almost a child herself but she is very talented at hiding, at silently unlocking complicated locks and turning off the most devious traps. As she secretly followed you, she offers to accompany you without hiding if you want her to. You'll find on your way two thieves who want to join you, a necromantic witch and an archer. Without Gorion, there is no longer room for you in the city of the learned.

You'll find your friends at Beregost and maybe you'll be able to read more of your fate but it may be that you'll encounter other assassins. The journey is long and full of perils. Nevertheless, before you can learn something more of your fate, the first person met in Beregost will be able to tell you about the plague that marks the territory: all the iron that people extract from the mines - risking sometimes their life to do it - is cursed to rot and break up as soon as it's melted to swords and axes and knives. Is there any connection between your strange destiny and the iron malady? You hear now of the far away mines of Nashkel where bandits make the caravans' fate to be so uncertain that even a young man like you is offered a job as guard. Is there a connection between the mines and the remote city of Baldur? You don't know and you have to do many more to find out.

Until then, many roads are there for you to take and many fierce creatures will stand in your way.

(To be continued)

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