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Cyberspace Law Institute

This institute studies and helps the development of laws required by the enlarging of the global communication networks and by the interactive communities.

CLI initiates a series of colloquiums concerning one theme each and these are moderated or chaired by one or more of the institute representatives. The colloquiums can be organized in many forms, from discussion lists to pilot projects that are implemented by periodical reports.

The themes of the colloquiums for the next 12-18 months are the following:

  • The interaction between the copyright law, the contract law and the WWW pages content.
  • The normalization of anonymous or pen name discourses and the principles of responsibility applied to "e-persons" assumed names.
  • The principles of delegation or system operators' responsibility.
  • Using the mechanisms of the live debate's resolution. Encoding policies
  • A law of standardization of the field names. Interpretations of private information insurance in negotiations
  • The fraud law and the accuracy of registrations required on the Net

CLI is a virtual institution, it doesn't have offices, chairs or law courts and it is lead by David R. Johnson (Chairman of Counsel Connect), David Post and John Podesta (Georgetown University Law Center), and Peggy Radin and Carey Heckman (Stanford Law School). Cato


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