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The title can be different, like "The Chronicle of an Announced Death" or "Students, Cross the Atlantic" or... These stylistic artifacts are useful only to the rhetoric of a parlor when we try to show to the world how witty we are. Let alone the fact that at present I don't care a fig for literature or puns.

In brief, the glorious history of the only network that should have connected the Romanian educational system to the world seems to have ended before its time. We were shown development perspectives of this network last year at Ifabo. This year it might be that, due to the Government "care", all was just a beautiful and generous idea.

On the 14th of June, RoEdu Net was sent to the corner like a simple telephone subscriber, due to the lack of funds. The subscriber did not pay and the wire was cut off. The sum owed to Romtelecom company for two month was of 7 billion lei. Is it much, is it little? I don't know. The important thing is that we add one more frustration reason to a youth too much overwhelmed by fate. Let alone the Romanian education that is not in a very good shape either.

Besides the misfortune as such, some argue-finders appear who lack the most basic education in the field and they assume the rights of academic executioners. The quarter academic quality in cause is based on the fact that some people use the Internet to trivial purposes. Trivial? In English, this means that they look at pornographic sites, they download mp3-s from the web and store illegal pictures.

We talked many times before of interdiction in general and of the mechanism of the forbidden fruit. Let's suppose there is a policy of limitation the access to the Internet for strict professional purpose but until now we haven't find any page that notified the users: "Hey, guys!" Such a restriction could work if we had a committee to trace the infamous beneficiaries. Besides the cost of such a hunt, do you think it would be efficient? There are a lot of sites that don't belong to a classification and their name is irrelevant too. Does anybody waste time to check up every address? Is there a material and technical possibility to trace some operative limits? In addition, what do we do about mail inviolability? How can we teach this generation or the following one what is the real democracy, where the individual is the most important? I doubt somebody with a good head on shoulders would like to answer these rhetorical questions.

And ladies and gentlemen, what is pornography? It hasn't been long since a novel like James Joyce's Ulysses or a sculpture like Brancusi's Princess X were thought pornographic. Streets are overwhelmed by such materials. Does anybody really think that pornography can be stopped by a club? Wouldn't we better resin from our teacher positions if we were not able to teach kindly our students what's right and wrong?

Let's get back to our network. I would like to say something important . We pay all respect to the people who administrate it with so little money. But if they don't understand they should draw our attention to the facts, to tell us the ropes, we (I mean the journalists and the few people who care) cannot help them. Let's tell things straight. Personally, I don't care who is there but I care about the fact as such: disconnecting the Romanian education system off the Internet. I know a lot of people who did wonderful things in this field, not only in Bucharest but in Iasi, Cluj or Timisoara as well. These people can't be let in the air because everybody's guarding the little pie.

We are told RoEduNet is going to function till the end of the month and from that moment on nobody knows or more precisely mortua est. Negotiations are carried on in dark corners. Somebody tries to make these debates as secret as possible. Nobody answers the challenges on the tic-lobby. The data we asked for were given only after many delays and the information was incomplete. I do not understand what the people from RoEduNet have to loose. Maybe they think "diplomacy" can replace principles. What they don't know is that negotiations should be carried on with the people who want to do something not with the ones who put on things until everything is forgotten. There comes a flood or something else: "These are hotter affairs, gentlemen." Anyway, there are always hotter "affairs" than that in our country. For example, the economy that is falling down continuously.

The idea of a maffia type privatization of this network has also been in the air. Be it agreeable or not, the idea is real and this supposition is not exactly idiotic as we have seen greater things in our country. Waiting to see the course of events.

Dan Iancu



Acasa mai departe