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Answer From Last Time

A series of improvement variants circulate in the Internet world. The adepts of simplicity require for a larger band, as if one could widen a highway forever. And even if it were so, is this the real issue at stake?

Let's consider an example already common. Somebody is searching and - no matter how intricate is the appeal or how complex is the information in the data base - a list is inevitable with little interesting data on it. Maybe we should define the term "interest". Let's start with the ambiguity of the phrase. To a certain extent, a selection of words can have many interpretations depending on the person who defines it. It's almost impossible to specify al the nuances in the semantic chain so as to create a reciprocal correspondence between the meaning and the given phrase. There will always be somebody who will want something at least a little different if not something else entirely.

Maybe the wonderful solution would be then another type of interaction between individual and the Internet. Starting from the premise that we transform the individual from a passive to an active element as regards his or her recognition by the Internet, we shall define this interaction as both ways oriented. It wouldn't be only the Internet that will be revealed but also the individual will be defined for the Internet. This definition doesn't concern identification data but mostly data on his or her profile or his or her behavior regarding some Web pages.

For instance, if the individual is an anthropologist, a search based on the key word "Egypt" will spare him or her of hotels lists. The idea is more complex, of course, and it requires a certain strictness.

Nevertheless, it is quite unlikely that simple quantitative transformations would sleeve anything among the avalanche of words, images, movies and music that are now component parts of the Internet. We are still in the stage of the primordial chaos. The genesis has not begun yet. We are just gathering happily pieces of world and we put them - more or less precisely - in a large heap. The chance for someone to come and break earth from water and light from dark is minimal.

Dan Iancu


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