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The Return of Montezuma  

Do you recall Montezuma's revenge? Oh, yes, you had just put your hands on the keyboard at that time. But don't worry, the version is available for free on the disk with Montezuma's coming back.

If you could only see what an elegant game it was... Now I can swear on my navel that this game - which is at only half price compared with what is usually sold - can be compared with Quake II and even with Unreal for 3D effects and sound, which is really worth the money. You can see detailed textures, the transparency of the water, you may jump from jumping boards, climb on ropes, fall down from cliffs and all this time you have a special music not only for each of the nine levels but also for each room you get in.

What rag? You don't know what you're talking about. Try if your connection resists and unload the demo (pay attention, it has 21 MB) and see for yourself what I'm blabbering here.

Oh, it has a story too: you're Max Montezuma, breed of the legendary Aztec king and you're looking for treasures on the hunting fields of your ancestor. But these ancestors were careful enough to set traps everywhere and in addition the place is stuffed with mysterious creatures who are not very friendly and all the obstacles that are around are meant not to let you get out alive from there.

The are also a few comical scenes though the game doesn't pay much attention at the narrative line but this is not its purpose, isn't it? It is more important that everything is a permanent surprise and challenges you.

No, no, no, you don't have a gun. There are no fire weapons. You have to fight with monkeys, rats, jaguars, monsters, Aztec warriors and wizards. Yet the aim is not displaying brutal force but getting away through them all and solve the puzzles rising under your nose. To all these, skill must be added: if you don't have it, brother, you'd better give up this job, especially as the game is quite badly controlled by the mouse and fixing the speed cursor isn't much help.

Besides that, you've got an energy band and if this band is empty, good-bye to the points resulted in the fight. You may not fight just if you want to and you may attack only when you look ahead. You must pay also attention because of course you can swim but you can also drown.

If you were missing one of the old games with run and jump that crashed your keyboard once then Montezuma is your choice and ... mine.

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