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Great Heat

I'm feeling bad today, but not too

bad though. I don't feel bad at all.

It is a perfect day, warm

for winter and cold for autumn.

Frank O'Hara - Digression for Number 1, 1948

If it is summer, here comes the holiday. Things could be like this for some people but not for the Internet members, especially since the e-commerce - literally speaking - has been launched free.If only some tentative attempt has shown up now and then until now, if only some more curageous people used to create imense sites with stores to browse, if Oracle and then Microsoft would announce festive revolutions, all these are over now, as the sores on your screen are actually in use.

What does an Internet store mean, anyway? The pessimistic will say it's not the same thing to feel a piece of cloth than to see it as a background displayed on the screen. Others will speculate on the uncertainty of the data on the wired credit cards. It would be but honest to mention that we occupy the first place in the world for this type of fraud. Most people will say only "Romtelecom" and end the conversation at this point.

Come on, folks, let's think we're living in a better world, as we've been accustomed for a long time to look upon ourselves as beaten and robbed as well. Let's think of what this wonderful transfer of the store's shelves on the screen really means.

First of all, it means comfort. Shall I explain it? Useless. Then it means information. To do the shopping, you have to run like mad, keep in mind and even come back later. On the Internet, it's as simple as that: you navigate and you look for the best, nicest and cheapest product. It's simple, isn't it? Obviously, the number of e-sores and e-customers is continuously increasing and our good Internet is suffocated by them. But don't worry, Internet 2 is coming with a larger highway and we'll all be at leisure.

Speaking of Internet 2, a question comes to me in this overwhelming heat. What is - in your opinion - the most important quality that the Internet should have to become an environment that we would really enjoy? My answer will come to you in the next issue. As for your answers, I'll be waiting for them:)))

Dan Iancu


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