acasa mai departe
Alpha Centauri?  


Everything begins with the arrival of the cosmic ship from Civilizations 2 to Alpha Centauri. During the flight, seven factions appear aboard the vessel, each of them adhering to a doctrine that strongly influences the game (for example: fight advantage, more efficient research, and rarer mutinies).Many of the things we knew about the game have changed or diversified:
  • Winds are blowing from West to the East, hence the Western coast of a mountain is fertile while the Eastern is deserted.
  • The field is much improved, which is a superb opportunity especially for the constructive player.
  • Additionally, the same field square can be simultaneously improved in several ways (for example: condenser and farm), some of them have a wider range effect (for example, the condenser increases the fertility of the two squares nearby).
The indigenous life forms are also very interesting. At first, they impend (fungus, mind worms) but in time they may become valuables along with the research on environmental techniques.The pollution's calculation system has improved and it is something to reckon from the very beginning, otherwise the planet will create a hostile response by destroying adjustments or mind worms attacks. The ground formation affects the field very strongly: for instance, mountains can be raised to improve the raining of some areas, players can dig until the water level to obtain rivers or dig a special mine to the magma level to get a highly resourceful reward. The player can project the units. It is immensely more varied than Civilizations 2. We can choose: the frame (water, air, terrestrial and on wheels units), the weapons, the armor, the propulsion system and other special features. These features are permanently enriched and they are beautifully conveyed graphically. Technologies are more difficult to store, as they haven't been invented yet (nothing as simple as the wheel). Anyway, after a game, two or three it is very clear what is the order of the building operations to reach a certain goal. Wonders are also much richer. It's almost impossible to do them all, choice is difficult and it is part of the strategy. The creators were careful not to introduce anymore technologies that would give a major advantage to the one discovering them (e.g. railroads). That's about all, Marinescu. What's the point? I won't give you the disk for a long time from now.


acasa mai departe