acasa mai departe


"Solitaire? I thought it was a tutorial for the mouse and not a game :))

"You have no idea what you're talking about. It's a game of a rare delicacy. The cards are animated. The sound of their shuffling is as authentic as possible and its whole disposition is so romantic that it captures your heart."

"You've taken to playing Solitaire, man."

"Believe what you want but I can't let it go. One gets the feeling that he or she is playing in an old castle waiting for the host with a glass of wine of Porto in hand."

"Martzipan, you're annoying. Anyway, it's just a cheap game of cards. It's a patience!!!"

"There are many patiences, if you're interested. And it is a pleasure to play it. And they introduced an infinitely pleasant music with the game. You can brew yourself a good cup of tea and if you enjoy a pipe with a perfumed tobacco…"

"And are you winning?"

"Stop being so stunned. Come and see and enjoy it yourself. It's not a game that you play passionately but it smells like leather and wood and an old house. It's no need to win. You may at most utter wishes when you solve the patiences. You may complain at the relatively hard loading but the application as such is rather elegant and they also have a demo version. Are you coming?"



"O.K., you've convinced me, I come to see what these patiences are about…"


acasa mai departe