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You might be an ISP if ...

* You know that 56 k mean 33.6 reliable and 33.6 mean 28.8 reliable

* You know the mail wizard of WIN 98 by heart and you can guide a user to do it without interrupting for that your session of Quaqe / MUD / IRE

* You know the e-mail set up operations in Internet Mail, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Messenger Mailbox but you don't use any of them.

* You administer more than four Web sites but you don't have time for a personal Web page.

* Ii cunosti pe urmatorii insi dupa reputatie si esti in stare sa explici ce au facut pentru progresul mondial: Steve Case, Linus Torvalds, Eric Allman, Sanford Wallace.

* Stii ce inseamna literele TCP/IP, ca sa nu mai vorbim de DNS, HTTP, SNMP, BGP, OSPF, and DUN.

* You know the following individuals by reputation and you're able to explain their contribution to the world's progress:

Steve Case, Linus Torvalds, Eric Allman, Sanford Wallace

* You know the meaning of the letters TCP /IP, let alone DNS, HTTP, SNMP, BGP, OSPF and DUN.

* You know more IP addresses than telephone numbers and sometimes it's easier for you to write them in figures.

* You can give in five minutes the names of two MS browsers different from Netscape and IE.

* You find Telnet to be a daily useful tool and you don't wonder why it should have been done.

* You disregard MS Front Page as a program for making Web pages and as extension to your Web server.

* You can answer the question: Has Internet fallen down? and not burst into laughter

* The O'Reilly books make you lust.

* You can guess how loaded a server is without checking up the statistics.



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