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A ball made hurriedly its way under my Sunday gown and before I had a chance to do anything (with flat nose and nostrils trembling nervously), it stretched itself violently forward.

" What's that?" don Pedrito said, disappearing almost completely behind a banner.

" My sheep, don Pedrito". I was overwhelmed with laughing before I could think of the fear of the poor little thing.

" What kind of sheep is that, all I see is a dog", he muttered and drew himself back. It was true, he was white, small and very fluffy, a very tender dog ready to protect me from anybody in the world.

" He doesn't harm anyone", I said very quickly, "he's just curious and he saw me speaking to this direction, you know..."

Don Pedrito showed the tip of his nose from behind the banner and Sheep barked curtly and hoarsely as he usually does when he wants to say: "I'm so afraid of you that I'd rather bite you".

Don Pedrito disappeared quickly as lightning and I could hear him grumbling for a while...while my browser was furiously loading a new page. " Where do you take me?" "I take you to other sheep lovers", the little man seemed to say, as he had already reached beyond the background. Sheep yelped displeased and he jumped from my arms, making for the bedroom. That was his classical way of showing his disapproval. Usually, I would stay on the Internet at hours when Sheep is dreaming peacefully under my blanket.

" You might see at least what kind of names they pick for their animals in the civilized world" he muttered as I realized he had already calmed down and was beginning to laugh at his own fear.

"You may talk about him and about any other animal, did you know? You may learn news or things about breeding them or what you should be avoiding. There is even the Web pages ring of the beloved animals. And dogs have their special ring.

You may learn about famous dogs or you can order toys and food for them online. However, the most useful thing for a person like you who lives relatively far from any civilized vet clinic is to try to become a good doctor for your animal.

You may read Dr. Roen's articles on dogs and cats or other articles by specialized people, as those in the virtual vet clinic of Dr. Jin's. There is even the SMLDOG-L (Smalldog Listserv), let alone other smaller chats that you may find on the dog-faqs list. And you may obviously make relations to the ancestors of your barking thing.

Maybe the most important thing is to understand something of the...err...Sheep's behavior. You have sites where you can talk about that, although when it comes to practicing, it is better to practice on an animal that wouldn't suffer. Nevertheless, and the little man drew back a little more, as he had heard the beat of the dog's tail under the table, it would be possible to be attracted to other pets, wouldn't you interested in birds and cats?"






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