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Fallout II or Patch Rules out Patch  


- " Don't you even think playing it! Hello? Hello! Do you hear me, sir? Don't touch it or you'll regret it! Hello? How are you, Marzipan? Have you got asleep on the phone?"

" No, man, but I can't believe what I'm hearing. How the hell not to play it? What do you think, that I've been so crazy to pay so much money on it only to stay now and read the book?"

" Do as you like but if you don't put on the patch of the company, the game is running very badly and if you put it on, you'll loose all your previous saves. Not that it runs so much better with the patch on. Of course, it doesn't "achieve" 80 MB saves as the version I does but it doesn't go far from that when it comes to slowness. The book recommends to save often and of course, to reload often as well… Hmm, after you've seen once how difficult is to load it you don't feel like taking such measures of precaution too soon."

" Well, hearing you, it doesn't seem worth buying it."

" Oh, don't take it so hard: the strategy has advanced very much. And they took out those annoying limitations. You don't have any time limit to accomplish the main quest and even after you've done it, you may go on playing as long as you wish. Broadly, it is still the same game, admirably conceived and awfully programmed." They have developed the possibilities of having different stories depending on what you do, they have an important collection of new weapons and you're going in for a surprise after solving the main quest, a really good one, indeed… Besides, the characters are never truly likeable or nasty until the end. You will very soon find out that your good friend, the Texas gunman, is stuffed with prejudices. In return, an amiable ghoul who you may take with you proves to be just a burden for the team. And yet, Vic, the crook technician becomes a base partner for a long time. The coolest science man that you find (and who wants to come with you) has a stinky character. Let alone the criminal organizations. Nobody is completely evil. It may seem interesting to you under this circumstance: you have to choose always the less evil thing … as if you were in Romania :)))).

By the way… Do you like witchcraft?"


" Yes, ha, ha, if you behave yourself, I'll bring to you a type of Fallout based on supernatural, but you have to finish this variant first, all right?"


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