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De belo "galinaceicum"

A few years ago, when the law on the copyright was issued, the IT world breathed more easily and emitted ecstatically the words veni, vidi, vici. Yeah. As for exclamations, there were enough, but nothing has been done practically. A raid from time to time was done to the people who didn't behave well and that is all for the legislation enforcement.

It is no longer true the fact that with our present unsatisfactory salaries, a tough enforcement of the law will soon lead to the disappearance of soft users, except for the free, shareware or alms programs. Undoubtedly, the great companies could give up writing off "the unsold soft" and write donations to children, students and to those who could benefit from that. Maybe it would be more efficient. Nevertheless, in our country there are several other problems. Besides the licenses, I wonder what the present legislation contains regarding only the IT world. It's vague and totally not specific.

Copyright limitations regard not only the tycoons of the time, from Adrian Paunescu to Microsoft but even the people who are quoted accidentally on some discussion list. There is no definition as to the content of this right on the Internet, magnetic media and so on. There are many things to do in our country but I return to my obsession: the presidential discourse on the national importance of the software.

It is not a question of programs here but a fact of culture that is not built at random and an actual preventive legislation would bring an extra argument in favor of accepting Occidental structures. Conferences on commerce are held, without being noticed that we have no technical possibility to ensure confidentiality and security.

Obviously, after the exposition of the topic, another point of the agenda was discussed. What do you think of that, ladies and gentlemen? Anyway, as we are still in the stage of learning to formulate a law, I foresee a sine die postponing until it crosses one honorable deputy's mind that without laws we are going to have just hen talk.


acasa mai departe