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You may have noticed a note of protest on our site. It had to do with two governmental decisions that we consider not only without principle but also damaging the Romanian society. Because our magazine is released rather rarely, I shall not comment further on the whole story but I'll pass on a message from a Tic-Lobby on a certain ending (the report belongs to my good friend Constantin Teodorescu -

I attended a first work meeting between ANIS and ICI with ANCI as a mediator yesterday. In the end, I suggested I could write a report on the Tic-Lobby on the evolution of discussions after the meeting. However, the group decided that a report would be written only after the ending of the dialogue, so I obeyed the majority.

Mr. Daniel Gruia was supposed to break in on the list on Monday to give supplementary details on this matter. Anyway, I am going to put on the list a few personal impressions regarding the discussions, without making myself guilty of "revealing" information. A good thing is that even the "opposite" side -so to say- has admitted that the Tic-Lobby list had an important contribution to the contribution of the Tic-Lobby list to the debate on Romanian computer science' problems.

Mr. Marinescu is against unruly expressions on the list as well as against mocking or defaming tones. Nevertheless, he appreciates the moderation of the tone that has occurred since Mr. Florin Filip intervened in the discussion on behalf of ICI. I said it yesterday and I stress it today: when you talk to people as if they were walls and you feel that nobody listens to you, you are tempted to let out a hearty curse.

The moment when an interlocutor appears who -even if he doesn't share your opinions- feel appropriate to try to clarify the matter in a polite way instead of ignoring you, you see a whole new different side of the problem. That's why, in the future, things may improve considerably if other personalities in the computer world subscribe on the Tic-Lobby list, even though they work for concurrent companies. Another problem is that some persons subscribe passively to the list. Mr. Corcotoi declared that he refused for his life to quit the list, even he is among its "founders" and he was "tortured", "blackmailed" (I'm joking, of course) to do it. He can't intervene on the list because his position in the ANCI makes it more difficult for him to express personal opinions. Badly. Job's limitations. But I don't talk exclusively about Mr. Corcotoi.

There are many other people on the list who detain important positions for grand companies and still they have never expressed their opinions on the list. Maybe they thought it useless. I find the "Tic-Lobby -> HG 936" an extremely interesting experience, it is not just "massaging a wooden leg" as some would say but new issues are at stake that may prompt these people to take an active part in the discussion. I say that new issues are at stake because in the end of yesterday's discussion, regarding the passing through Parliament of the information code, we asked for a legal way to debate the motion before the final election.

We also discussed the legal ways to make useful the propositions, suggestions and critics on the list. Mr. Florin Talpes from ANIS requested a copy of the motion in its present form as soon as possible to bring it into ANIS' and Tic-Lobby"s agenda urgently. The thing circulating now somewhere on the web (a message was received on this matter) is obsolete. Serious changes have been made, they say. And some stiff voices assert that some provisions there hide "lizards" as long as crocodiles. So...stay close. As somebody would say, let the banners where they are, as it's sure that there will always be something to protest against. Only the text needs to be changed :-)

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Acasa mai departe