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Muzica Web-ului (continuare)

The Web Music (sequel) Not only noise lovers (Metal Links and Metal Edge)can be made happy, he suddenly began to talk when I was taking my mail, have you heard of the Orchestra Net? I shake my head as I realize that he doesn't need me for teh enumeration: in fact, he remembers in order the places where he has strolled, what about Classical Net or Classical Insights or if you have a rebellious kid, you can say to him Classical is Cool, man.

He makes a few grimaces but I can't catch up with him, he jerks agitated the bottom of his trousers over the browser's edge and comes closer to whisper to me: if you like, you can visit Bernstein to his studio or learn everything on Montserrat caballe, Montserrat Caballe ,Enrico Caruso , Van Cliburn, or Sir Colin Davis and you can treat yourself like royalty with festivals: The Festival Institute at the Round Top , In the Footsteps of the Magnificat , or the Northalnds Festival . .

But what I tell you are only fragments because there are numberless sites with those obssessed with Symphonic music, Opera and Baroque. I know somebody who has filled 5MB only by Baroque music bookmarks... He is laughing quietly while I stare at the screen, trying to imagine how amny link folders would cover the five mega. You can get a pretty good idea, he goes on, if you look through the famous magazines such as Gramophone, Grove Dictionary or Edition Peters, hello, those of you who had grandparents palying the piano, do you remember what was written above the musical notes filling their pages? And you can also chat with other music fans, for example at, Music Room and especially at, where you can find everything. For those who can afford to order on line (usually it's cheaper than in stores but I know it's more difficult for you) see at least CDNow, Music Boulevard and

Do you want more? Let me think, music for engineers, perhaps? he laughs heartily. Try the pterodactilus steak, you can try to attend an interactive piano concert on the web ,to pay a visit to Moscova Music Herald(but there you have to deal with the language of the place), to call on il concertatore or simply the music for we love it.

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