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Caesar III  

- My hands are burning, man, what should I do? I have let everything down and I'm looking at them carrying marble from place to place, making olive oil and exporting wynes and I am waiting grudgeless for them to change their impression of me as, look, I've build them another temple of Venus, to end the scenario.

- What's that? Well, I think they should write on the box: "heroine" or anyway, begin with "highly addictive drug" or something like that as I've got muscular pain from moving the mouse but I don't give up: I walk once or twice around the house, then I come back. And if I go to sleep, which is only natural, I dream of strategies and where I should place the mines so that the weapons' transportation to the fort doesn't take long but also to get them as quickly as possible to the port to sell them.

- And all these for a mongrel of Simcity and Ages of Empire, but a cross-breed made as if they had asked me before they started to make it out, believe me. Few or no wars - it is important not to be surprised unprepared (although even pretorians fight there in their own way, if the Etruscans really attack) and to be organized to the last straw. All you have to do is to plan roads and to do the logistics of goods from the stage of raw materials to that of exportation or at least to the baskets carried by the pushtime chains that accompany the matrons to the market. As two warehouses are enough if the merchandise is not sold at kilometres away and it is sufficient ot have statues (the little ones are almost free of charge) and little squares to determine people to build for themselves the most beautiful houses.

Basically, you have only to think whether you would like to live close to the Lions' pit or the public water reservoir to realize that you'd rather walk a longer distance to the Prefecture district where you live. And don't forget, people don't like to be neighbours with th police or the bailiffs, even if those are necesary to the society. And it's not even a well polished game, no, sir, at least the interface gives you lots of reasons to complain, thank God. The menus are hard to handle, there is a huge number of buttons with unclearly marked action, you can exit some windows only by pressing the other button of the mouse and in no other way and out of others you get with an arrow to the right in the lower part of the page, but that's not sure thing, either, as the arrow might lead you to another window. ...

You'll never know if you've chosen to build an oracle or a water reservoir until you've pushed the button. There are no comprehensive maps that would allow you to see effortless, let's say, the coverage of criminality in the city due to the pretorians' stations. The army must be placed right under the city's walls, admitting you know the direction of the attack; otherwise, until they arrive at the place of action, the enemies, Greeks or whatever, destroy all your hardly achieved goods, let alone they have a certain keeness on the aqueducts, which they destroy frantically.

Aqueducts and walls are hard to build, it is difficult to connect especially big buildings to roads and water sources. Any building starts to function only after 10 or 20 seconds, until then your heart is pumping waiting to see if your well has access to water or you've thrown the money away, as it isn't possible to draw another aqueduct there. Not to mention that the labour force required by the wells is not reasonably at all. Try to double the number of reservoires and you'll see al the tramps crowding to settle in your city.

In addition, the inner time of the game is not satisfactorily adjusted or maybe it's too pretentious a game for my 48MB, don't you say... Even on 100% you have to wait immensely until the new colons reach their houses. It's a game of patience, old man, that's it. If you don't wait for the people to settle in and mind quietly their business, al your trouble is in vain. It would be ideal to have two computers: work on one and let the game run on the other. ha, ha, I know that's not possible but it seems that the Sierra people have thought precisely of that ... and yet they hit me in the heart.

Even after I saw the presentation of Fallout II ... oh, sorry,I'll tell you about that next time. Menu-urile sunt greu de manuit, e nesatisfacatoare, ori jocul are


acasa mai departe