Acasa mai departe
Symptoms of Addiction...

* you have been waiting for your girlfriend to come for six hours (time zone)

* your wife accuses you that instead of talking in your sleep as you used to, you only move your fingers quickly nowadays

* in the morning you try to convince her that the sandwich sent as an attachment would be fresher

* your wife gossips about you with all her friends saying that you sent her for Christmas an e-card with a...

* you find yourself laughing on your own at the screen or bursting into curses but at the office you try to turn your head at ninety degrees to smile

* you begin your applications with Dear Sir :)

* for your last file you tried to convince the secretary to do a visible version of the 3.0 browsers

* you don't feel all right if you don't have more than one browser window opened on the screen

* you have a downloaded operation system

* and anyway you have begun to pay others to to transfer on CDs exclusively wired software

* you have always the feeling that the newspapers' titles are shouting to you

* if asked, you agree to mend the electric switcher in the pantry but almost immediately you put the question: and where do I find "onclick" ?




Acasa Mai departe