acasa mai departe


Motto: "I wonder, God, how Your shadows have fallen,
Over the Word's chambers, pulling them down."

Grisa Gherghei

How can I draw a full stop after an image, somebody told me smiling and I asked in wonder why not draw one. He looked at me doubtfully, not knowing whether I was joking but there was such a dusk in a possible explanation that I insisted on his drawing a period at the end of that sentence without saying anything else but a distance gesture. A hand on his shoulder would have worked but I didn't do it. It may be that the bones of my memories were aching with understanding.

Or maybe I thought for a moment that he would peel himself the paradox off meaning. Or Iwas just wishing to be suddenly alone. Anonymous is not only alone but also without history. Without the so familiar noises of the Web. Maybe the peace of staying somewhere in an Internet corner and forgetting words don't beget themselves, as you would forget trivial Mechanics with obvious meanings, good for yelling them in open places. I wonder what is primary in the end? Homer is anyway such a common word, he could have been from the very beginning, he or someone else like him, a blind man without an earthen being that you stumble over in bibliographies. Anonymous is as if you didn't have named ancestors anylonger. You draw yourself out of this bundle of people in a way like a thread spinning around the finger of in-destining.

Who? It's a rather meaningless question that we have raised to the rank of inalterable law. Man, you would say. First it was night and then our morning could have come. And it didn't It's only that we tend to grasp the word and fasten it on to the history by means of a name. Only here, on the Web, history is no longer a simple linear passage and how meaningful would be the right to be called otherwise than anonymous?

Let's draw a full stop after the words of our businesses, as they are to us they would be in their and others' children of children. Anonymous may be the mankind of an Internet at the beginning of an era.

acasa mai departe