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Ballad (2)

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You enter the imaginary world of the Romanian ballad....

HELP: Read HELP, +HELP, NEWS and + UPDATE for important news and information.

It is assumed that you are acquainted with the information on these folders..

+MAIL: you don't have any new messages.

+COM: you are already on this channel..

+COM: the general channel available to the public


Welcome to the World Ballad! ! If you need help,

you can get in touch with somebody if you type:

page name = message

(example page Raditza = help me, please, I can't manage this.)

To get a list of people on line type:

/ "WHO".

To get a list of administrators, type:


If your monitor allows ansi, type now "+ansi"



Lines are running one after the other and I don't have the time to understand what else this screen needs to give me the promised thing, meaning just a game. Yet I hardly get to feel sorry for the beautiful world of images left in a browser window because letters continue to flow quickly in front of my eyes.



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