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Telnet norav.sfos.ro:8080 and display:

Welcome to the Romanian ballad world.

Community funded in 1999.

Run: PennMUSH 1.7.1 pl3

This world is improved by Pueblo 1.0

Lords of the place are: Dobrisan, Priscoveanu, Azmashtale, Roshmon-Crai, Raditza, and Lady Ileana

Nora Vasilescu keeps the site in function.


Use "create <name> <password> " To create a new character.Mind the caps.

Use "connect <name> <password>" To connect to an already created character.

Use "connect Nomad nomad" if you want just to look around.

Use "QUIT" to exit. Use "WHO" to learn whoelse is connected.

One person is granted just one character.

Please don't use anachronical names.


I look in wonder at the foreign world on the screen, without knowing for sure what I should do. As always, I am intimidated by the mix-up of languages, I doubt my ability of translation. Anyway, I type "connect Nomad nomad" thinking that somehow this untamed address suits me.



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