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Romaneste va rog

The Cyber Patrol;)))

Parents and teachers often face what we normally call children's and teenagers' curiosity. In this view, the situation is not dramatic but if the grown-ups' point of view consider that rummaging in unproper places is "crime", the education process may be unfortunately turned into a punishing one. The best thing, of course, is to be patient and to get to explain how and in what way the Internet is useful. Combined with a sexual culture adjusted to the subjects' age, this method may lead to the best results.

But grown-ups don't always have time and patience. So, instead of applying the "simple" and effective method of turning off everything they'd rather turn to the CyberPatrol.

Obviously, a rigorous control on the Internet is not possible and one -especially little crackers- can easily avoid questionnaires on age. At present there are several sites designed to offer you a series of means of counteracting the action of looking over unproper topics. Here are only a few of them:

Don't forget. Filters are useless without explanations. Children can find pictures to watch at any booth on the street nowadays. They would understand just that grown-ups are mean and selfish and they keep those things for themselves.

.Cato the Censor