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Romaneste va rog

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Is it hard to download? Yes, it's quite hard, but when it's ready...Well, have you cast at least a glance at the jumble of objects? cutit.jpg (5512 bytes)There must be hundreds of them and every entrenchment has its own pattern. Yeah, until your team learns how to fly things are a bit more difficult and -except that images are far to be as "pixeled" as in Lands of Lore II - you don't get to enjoy life very much. let alone you have to take care of everyone of them separately.

Not all of them are allowed to wear weapons and you must serve everybody with the right part of the discovered treasures to match his or her own qualities. And if you don't like that it means you don't actually like RPGs and that's it.

And yet, after Fallout, Might and Magic VI prove once again they cannot die. Did you say something? When it offers you at least 100 hours of playing under the most unhappy circumstances? It's fabulous, old guy, listen to me.

Eventually, the vectorial drawing doesn't play tricks on you anymore and I was going to think into despair, take my word for that. Only a graphic accelerator would do you good, upon my honour, otherwise how could you move through all that ravines without a little help to pass from level to level.

And if you want to make a good beginning besides putting your money in a bank (if you die, you lose them all) you can go to the Southern wall of the bank and take the flying deed that you'll find there. Then go behind Buccaneer's house and do the flying spell. Then go up and click on the tower in front of your eyes. You'll be transported to a temple surrounded by dragons. Your only chance is to run to the temple, to go inside and take what you're offered. As for returning, only if you die you can do it but this is a great achievment for a fresh team. Besides that, look for hints at other addresses.

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