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01lol1.GIF (7625 bytes)I am sad tonight.

Mum came back last night and brought me LOL2. You don’t know what LOL2 is? Oh, yes, you do, you certainly do. It is “Land of Lore”, that fine specimen of a game, wherein you start from Gladstone and go in the quest of Scotia, the witch. And then you are crossing forests, swamps and abandoned mines while fighting with all sorts of creatures.... of! This was LOL1, with an incomparable music. Just remember the swamp’s tune or the one of the city... and it had such an incredibly small number of bugs...of! 02lol1.gif (11446 bytes)

And I recall being exultant this time yesterday...well, how wouldn’t I be? Shock! Scotia’s son is the hero! Now he ended up in chains, in Gladstone’s subterranean passages - as there is, of course, a guardian who makes a mistake -, and not as much in the physical chains but rather in the chain of the oath inherited/gained from his mother, in spite of the little they shared together. The curse is a brilliant idea for a game: the hero is submitted to metamorphosis (monster/human being/lizard), but he is completely lacking any kind of control over it: he can change its appearance any moment, and there is no warning nor any idea of how long this metamorphosis will last.

03lol1.GIF (15022 bytes)One has – for sure - to adjust to this context, to continuously consider the consequences (as you may enter in a canal and turn/transform, while in there, in a huge monster, which is suffocating) but mostly to take advantage of any and each of these outward appearances.

But today I installed it and I’ve seen... of! I’ve seen an application that is executing with difficulties, whose DOS version goes better on Win95 that the version especially created for it, a game whose01lol2.JPG (7954 bytes) beautiful commercials are to be found only in those few, completely non-interactive movies, which you access now and then. A delayed “Ultima Underworld”, it’s all I can say about it. Sure, there were high hopes and ambitions: you can turn the image by one degree, you can sneeze in inaccessible places from other spaces, you have enormous maps...but what’s the use when the image has fist-like pixels and one has to go from North to South on interminable maps whereon nothing happens.... or changes, unless, of course, the game cracks. No wonder that Westwood’s ad for LOL III is something like: “Lands of Lore III returns to you to Gladstone in this RPG classic due out in late 1998!”.

02lol2.JPG (7001 bytes)Marinescu is calling:

- Yes, come and get it. No, take it from mum, no, I go to bed. What? No, there’s nothing wrong with me, just come and get it.

I am sad tonight.



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