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It is a big temptation. To play a bridge on "Yahoo" and to call you "sting". To play backgammon and to introduce yourself as "Prodigy". Not to even mention the discussion lists where you may appear as "Hoaxy and Tardy" or as "Lucifer". It’s the imagination of any of us and on the Internet you may see the whole series, from very expressive and interesting names to the tern "anon 123". The net gives you the possibility of being… morethan one.

Sometimes there are simple games; sometimes it is the prudence of not involving your name with divertissements not very well appreciated among your business partners but most of the times it is the wish to underline a certain aspect of your personality or simply being somebody else than the monotone mirror of your daily presence.

Legally, there are no problems. It is legal to protect your private life. That is why most of the Internet providers adopted a flexible policy; in the subscribing form there are various possibilities of screennames one may use so that his/hers real name remains protected and only the supplier may know it. Why know it however? Very simple. To involve your responsibility in case that, behind the game, the intentions were criminal ones. No one can possibly know if you’re not just trying to hide yourself in order to threat or harrass the others.

But there are also providers who don’t take this diligence. Born out of the desire of turning the e-mail international, these services prove to be a good mask for a series of individuals who confound, intentionally or not, a discussion list or a news group with a space destined to violent language. Those who have frequented SCR know what I am talking about.

The defense against such people becomes inefficient in time as long as it is useless to only complain  to the provider. The elimination is followed within the further next five minutes by a subscription under a different name. There are filters and there are moderators. Certain discussion groups are conditioning the subscription upot the acceptance of the submintent's CV. An entire domain may get stacked in the filters and only an illuminating discussion, revealing the good intentions, may complicate the filter to receive another member whose domain has been excluded.

It is preferable to complicate your work in order to give satisfaction to  honest people instead of ignoring the possibilities offered by the filters and to reach a moment when you come to find yourself without valuable people on your list.



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