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In the strained world of the Internet it seems that people don’t have time for courtesy, moreover for long apology epistles in case when, for instance, we aren’t participating for a long time… as spectators on a discussion list. How do you feel about the further missive received not long ago:

> I apologize immensely for the the message that did not get through
>(in human language, as most of you pointed out). Sorry to have wasted
>your time and memory space. I will try to fix the problem soon, as it
>is sunny here, not today. Thank you Georgia, and everyone else for your
>patience. Again, I apologize and bye for a period :))) (I feel like an ass!).

Strange? Not a bit. The netiquette rules aren’t the only important ones but also those of common-sense, which teach us that a gently closed door will be easily opened afterwards. What can be more pleasant than an "welcome" received from a veteran of the discussion list with whom you’ve had long conversations over the length of the net?
I wouldn’t insist quite so much on this aspect, that which terms are those first seven years, if I wouldn’t have meet other ways of going away. The quality of the departure message is not that important for those who remain as it is for the one who leaves. Why? That’s simple.
In case someone proves to be a violent person, using an extremely vulgar language (not to be confounded the bashfulness with the elegant language), he will end up between filters if the moderator hasn’t already eliminated him. Generally, it is to be noticed that such a specimen will be ignored, whatever he might say, and he will be not be answered when meddling. If, in the beginning, the reactions are various, from forewarnings to irony, little by little, - especially if the list hasn’t a large fluctuation of subscribers, the individual will finally remain isolated; even returning in a more civilized attitude, this won’t free him of the given stigmata. The neophytes only will pay attention to him and, after the surprise provoked by the violent, completely unjustified outbursts, they will give up the dispute.
The other extreme is constituted of those who are asked to return. They say "good bye" in the most serious and "definitive" manner, possibly giving a series of reasons for this, some of them hilarious, and then…they come back in a few days. You will think: the microbe! This too. But the most important thing is that such attitudes will make the one appear frivolous and his missives will be easily disregarded.
There is nothing as painful as writing on a discussion list and receiving no answer.


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