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Bridge (2)

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- I see. You’re out. It’s like whist but it’s cooler, with tutorials like chess and very serious contests. I bumped into my father’s books some ragged booklets and I started to study. If it’s so widespread, how could it miss on the Internet? So I went to Yahoo and I found what I needed: Yahoo Games. Among others, one can play interactive bridge. You choose a name, you log on with a password and you’re in. Honestly, it’s a serious staff.

- What do you mean by playing interactive? Look! I’m logging on…don’t look at the password….that’s it…. I choose "Advanced Lounge"... Isn’t it too much for you? No way. I met a lot of suckers asking me what’s Gerber…
- What’s that?
- I’ll tell you later. Look, here they are presenting all the tables; it’s a "Join" sign where I can enter to play. I click and…I’m in. So…4…7…16. So, it’s 1NT, that means I click this command…the bid started. You see, here I can choose the mug I prefer and I’ve chosen this round one.

- It’s likely…
- Hey you, watch out how you address the normal people. I play. So 3NT. Let’s see. Good attack. I pick a card from the dead.
- But how do you play?
- It’s simple. The opening windows are Java applets; there’s a fine book about Java just published by Computer Press Agora, yea, "Java Language – A Pragmatic Perspective" by Professor Irina Atanasiu, go and study. We also have messages; you bid and play with the mouse. Here is "help", here is "last trick" and "review biding"….
- What is "boot" for? For your PC?
- You, butt head! It’s for the one who leads the game so that he can expel one player in case of a freeze. Buzz off, I’ve got to concentrate…look, it’s freezing. You’re bad luck to me.

- But how can we learn bridge?
- Here: exercises for the beginners.
- Puzzle?
- Yea. Here you have a quiz, for instance. You have a hand and you have to bid in various situations. Here are the exercises for the flank and here are for declarer
- Cool. What does you old men say, ain’t he playing too?
- Shut your mouth or the hell with you! I want to show him at his birthday what I’ve came up with. It’s a surprise!
- Just wait and see the surprise he will receive with the phone bill!
- Get ooooooooouuuuut!


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