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Procesorul Globular : 1, 2, 3

Bridge (1)

bannerprocesorule.GIF (2061 bytes) - What’s wrong with Gica?
- I ain’t got a clue. Ain’t seen him since we’re in holiday. Let’s drop by his place, I’m sick of building up small houses.
- Ha, ha, you didn’t try the "hardest" to see how cool it is. You don’t even start and they come to kick your ass.

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Nothing. Once again.

- Gicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
- Calm down, we hear a voice from above us. What do you want? We’re in holiday and I ain’t got homework for you to copy.
We look at him askance and we yell as one.
- Open the door or we’re gonna break it.
There is a rolling noise coming from the stairs and the door is opened. Small, fat, with a shock of hair, Gica watches us obliquely.
- What’s the fuss? Make it quick, I’ve got work to do.
- That’s the point, what kind of work? It’s holiday and we ain’t got any new game to make us forget this hell of a heat.
- Let’s go and I’ll show you. But don’t tell a soul or I’ll beat you to death.

We didn’t say a word, we knew he has a heavy hand. You wouldn’t give a damn about his poetry or about all his know-how in math but he has a big mouth and is so nasty. We follow him to the attic his old man arranged for him in the garret, fitting perfectly his height.
- Do you play bridge?

bridge table


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