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The virtuality is rebuilding, ideally and ideationally, the reality, reinforcing it and restoring its valencies needed for survival at the conceptual level. So, while creating a virtual concept, this will gain realism and a new place by its use through performance. Writing on the Internet is a continuous performing. Here, in the pure "nomads’ territory", one cannot bring in ready-made concepts and common places, for the virtual world permanently provokes and produces "the new" in reality.

What professor Pierre Levi from the Hypermedia Department of the University Paris VIII called "collective intelligence" in 1994, with reference to the "fresh" non-academic breeze of thinking of virtual communities of "private thinkers"’ (Spinoza's concept of "Privat Denker"), becomes hic et nunc… netosophi@, a far broader concept, which includes "l'intelligence collective" as well.

Netosophi@, a concept created on the spot, on-line, brings together, in the same philosophical construction, the ideas of "thinking-in-the-net", the ideal of no-manifest of any of us, Pierre Levi's "virtual performance" by surfing at the conceptual level the areas and the (cyber)spaces of the Net and of phyloSOPHIA. By way of an experiment, the result is not a hybrid or an artifact superfluous to the thinking, but a "tool" that may help us to better understand the extraordinary impact of the Internet on the contemporary philosophy. None of them will remain the same, but will start re-building each other, out of commonly shared resources.

This apology actually is an experiment and a provocation. I want to prove that the net is intimately linked to - if not dependent of - the modern philosophy, for reasons that are to be presented later on. This first article was an example of conceptual performance.

Dismantling the performance through virtual and abolishing the ruling of common places, we proved that one can build infinitely more in the underground, in the non-academic world than within the rigors of the "official" thinking.

Netosophi@ can only survive on the Internet. It is dead on the paper… This is only the beginning of this concept’s use and, perhaps, of an entire series of concepts…the thinking in the net is provoking you, reader, to produce…


Remark: should you have any queries and for further explanations and references, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at:

Miron Ghiu aka Cybernomad

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