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Netosophi@ - rendering a concept virtual

banernetologiee.gif (2220 bytes) IThe Internet provokes and produces.

It provokes the emergence of new ways of understanding and conceptualizing. It permanently generates concepts, even if indirectly. Any of us is collaborating, implicitly and virtually, to this creation, to this performance.

On the Internet, like in any other space of liberty, of virtual democracy, the consumer-receptor of information cannot remain passive to what occurs around him. In full dialectics of the space free of any kind of boundaries and limits, that space called ascertainable, purely contemplative by the contemporary philosopher Jacques Derrida the said consumer becomes a irradiating idea, as he continuously performs new concepts.

On the Net, there are almost no "dead", meaningless statements, common places that remain rigid, locked-up within themselves, as a hyperlink may, at any moment, send you to its contrary, which sets up, naturally, a performable measure. There are not any no-return truths that may redundantly turn out into common places. The cybernomad is horrified by the artificially void (horror vecui) produced by self-saturation of insufficient concepts. Formally, there cannot be a concept "emptied" of its content, but repeating a poor, non-performing idea may lead to a phobia about everything that is not an irradiating idea.

Reverting to the "provoking" side of the Internet, there is something more to be clarified, that is how could the virtual space produce real, valid reasoning. The explanation will be short (as a matter of fact, this has already become somehow redundant). The virtual space is provoking absolute cognitive reality because both of the recently performed categories of the idea are at the same ontological level. I shall refer here to Gill Deleuze’s statement from "Difference and Repetition" (Paris, 1968), concerning the degrees of existence of virtuality and reality, the difference between these two concepts consisting merely of the different perspective about the world. The said statement will be analyzed later on (thus having created the hyperlink to the next article).





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