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Stop whining, I downloaded that inevitable patch. Saves us some troubles. We play directly from tool age so we won’t have to worry about the food. What? yaa, sure, we play on the score. It’s so frustrating to build the pyramid and then bite the dust. Obviously, it’s a good stuff one can arrange the victory to be set according to several criteria.

No, this won’t be that easy. Com’on, let’s get started, we could have finished two matches by now. What else? Some people made some jokes, starting from Ages. yaa, ya’ve heard me. I’ll forward ya one that gave me a horselaugh. ya’re gonna love it.

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ya wanna be Egyptian...Don’t ya wanna get a flying pig, too? ‘Cause they have mounted archers. yaa, I must admit, it’s the most gifted civilisation. O.K., we’re gonna be both Egyptians. Lamaie will be thrilled with joy. Com’on, brother, I’ll set the floor for ya. Oh, don’t ya know? ya may build as many scenarios as ya want, yaa, directly from the game, including geographical characteristics and the position of the predators. Haha. Don’t ask me now for fatty elephants and no lions at all.

Too bad is more a defense strategy, this stuff, Dune was better at setting up the attack angles. Remember when we were trying for half an hour to pull down a tower? yaa, even the mumbling of those from Warcraft was more fun, I don’t argue. But what about Warcraft, when the enemy was blocked for half an hour that ya couldn’t tell what it became of him. Or what about Dune, where the attack was always going in the same direction? Not to mention the same problem of resources as in here. ya can’t find’em everywhere and the rocks for the towers are mostly lacking…

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Ok, ok, we’re allies, let Lamaie ally with his notebook, see what’ll come out of this, ‘cause last time we were allies they really knocked us down. But we’re doing trade, okay, don’t kid me, right? Well, yea, I know it’s stupid and we can exchange only a few stuff. Okay, okay, I know ya don’t need them but they’re so nice, those little trade boats and if ya don’t have allies, doesn’t matter much.

Com’on, I think ya’re gonna come tonight after all. Well, don’t worry, we let her play King’s Quest on the 486. Com’on, she won’t mind it. Didn’t she play all New Year’s Eve night? Right, we were playing Fallout. Drop it, she loved to.

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