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Globular CPU: 1, 2


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- Yes, sure we’re waiting now for the second version, no doubt about it, but listen to me and let’s try and do it. Adrian came by yesterday night and we played via modem, that’s really something else. What the heck, it’s the first strategic game of old Gates, no, not with Borland, ya, scoundrel!

Yes, sir, it has no personality but isn’t it better than Warcraft? Truly it is. Isn’t it more diverse than Diablo? Also true. Wanna more? I have a pile of scenarios, too. Yes, just like Civilisation, and I can get hundreds of them from the web if ye’ve got time enough. ya can make an exchange, too, if ye’re good enough to come up with something cool.

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Don't play the naive with me. Of course ya can beat it with one hand only if ya play it all alone but don’t be so sure about it if ye’re playing against us. Well, Lamaie(Lemon) comes, too, with his notebook, what do ya think? From home? Impossible, we can’t afford the phone costs, man. But why bother asking ya to play when ya need a guide to show ya how to play. Com’on, brother, y’re not in the know!

Have ya tried the "death-game"? Well, sure, everybody knows that. If ya play with triremes, it’s a piece of cake, but if ya play only on land, let me see how ya manage then. Don’t fool around with me. Sure, I know about the photon-man, no big deal. Have ya tried catapulting villagers? Haha. First, press enter and then go to "Jack be Nimble". Not to mention the "Medusa effect".

I hear the next version will have Turks, Byzantines and some others, somethin’ like the scenarios of Civilisation. At least, the graphic is cool, man, don’t be so negative, ye’re not playing on Unix.

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